Spencer 1 vs. Horley 3 - Match report - 16/06/10

posted 1 Jul 2010, 03:40 by Dan Wells   [ updated 1 Jul 2010, 03:41 ]

Another fixture last night with a line-up of:

1.       Olly

2.       Adam

3.       Dan

4.       Niall


Horley 3 didn’t expect much from the match and continued to say it was a joke that we are in division 6 and didn’t seem at all pleased to be playing against us.


They were proven correct as Spencer dominated throughout and had a comfortable 15-0 win without really requiring a huge amount of effort.  Olly did have one of his closer matches with a 27-2 victory compared to the 27-0 win last week!  We finished early and were able to enjoy a round robin hit including Nick meaning that most of us could build up a sweat at some point and get some match practice in.


Good news is that the win continues to inflate our lead with a 58 point gap over third place (see below) although you’ll see that other teams have a game in hand but cannot reduce the gap below 28 points regardless of their results.


Well played all and next match away to Cannons Richmond on Tuesday.

David Lloyd Epsom vs. Spencer 1 - Match report - the big one! - 08/06/10

posted 1 Jul 2010, 03:38 by Dan Wells   [ updated 1 Jul 2010, 03:42 ]

A huge game took place last night which over-shadowed the World Cup build-up as the Spencer boys travelled to David Lloyd Epsom to play the unbeaten leaders.  With a full team of Olly, Adam, Dan and Nick, there was never going to be a better opportunity to beat them.


The opposition turned up with a full strength team and first up was Alan at number 3 who has played at number 2 or 1 all season and had threatened to pull out pre-match due to having won all of his matches 3-0 to date.  Dan decided to play significantly better squash than during the previous week (thanks to everybody for your recent coaching tips!) and wrapped up a 3-0 victory, despite breaking three strings during the first shot of the warm-up!  A good match and a satisfying win.


On the other court,  Nick played against a very able opponent who ending up taking David Lloyd’s only set of the night – I’ve decided not to punish Nick for this given that I did the same thing last week...!  Whilst I didn’t see the match, I understand that Nick shrugged off the holiday hangover and played well in a 3-1 victory, in which his opponent also managed to break a string in his racket.


Adam then went on court against a good number two and managed to scrape through on fitness to a fine 3-0 victory (although it would have been interesting to have seen how things would have developed had the match gone into a fourth and probably fifth set) – well played and a good workout!  Due to marking on the other court at the time, I can’t comment too much on the match but did note that his opponent decided to swap rackets despite not even breaking a string – clearly keen to keep the theme of the night going...!


Finally at top string was Olly who took on a confident opponent who wasn’t expecting a heavy defeat in this league.  Not the easiest game for Dan to mark as an away team player for several reasons:

1.       It was a very fast match with lots of collisions and challenges

2.       The courts were so noisy that I lost my voice after the first set

3.       A certain incident took place in the first set which made Dan laugh for the remainder of the match!


No match report could be complete without mentioning that very incident!  Midway through the first set, the ball bounced off the top of the red (in this case blue) line and nestled in the ceiling netting between the two courts.  Olly decided that this match hadn’t had any racket incidents to date and threw his racket at the ball in the netting, which whilst succeeding in dislodging the ball back onto the court, unfortunately resulted in Olly’s racket being stuck on the netting by the roof in place of the ball!  The only way forward seemed to be to stop Adam’s game next door for a few minutes (Adam was grateful for a rest and there may be a home team conspiracy theory about this one!), and then as one of the home team was about to throw his racket at Olly’s, Dan pointed out that we could end up with two rackets stuck on the roof if not careful!  Then followed a few minutes of various players trying to hit Olly’s racket with a squash ball without success – it was hard not to laugh as the squash ball kept smashing into the lights and then suddenly changing direction towards people’s heads!  Just as we thought it couldn’t get any funnier, their number four returned from the toilet with an extremely large roll of toilet paper and after a few attempts to throw the toilet paper at the ceiling, finally Olly’s racket was dislodged back onto the squash court and both matches were able to continue.  It’s fair to say that Olly has made a huge impact on the team both in terms of results and entertaining stories...!


As the match continued, Olly did enough to stay ahead in each set but to also get a good sweat and enjoyed a fine 3-0 win to maintain his 3-0 winning record.


Overall a great night for the Spencer boys with a 15-1 victory and another huge match against Kingfisher tomorrow night which could see us build a nice lead at the top of the table.


Well played all and let’s do the same again tomorrow night!  Geek sheet not attached due to awaiting on the final points from the home team on the website – I’ll send it round with the next match report!

Match report - Nuffield West Byfleet 2 vs. Spencer Club 1 - 13/05/10

posted 1 Jul 2010, 03:38 by Dan Wells   [ updated 1 Jul 2010, 03:42 ]

A tough match for the Spencer boys against one of the more successful teams in the league so far!


Spencer 1 squash club travelled from Earlsfield  South West  London to West Byfleet hoping to build upon their squash centre of excellence Monday night training sessions and their recent Squashathon led by Squash Great Britain Coach Graeme Williams.  Most of you know Graeme, who is a squash professional in charge of running the squash youth development of elite squash players in South West London and who has provided lots of squash coaching sessions to us over the years.  Many thanks to Graeme who helped us raise over £2,000 during the 24-hour event and a fantastic achievement!


The Spencer Squash Club first team fielded a team of Adam, Dan, Niall and Richard in a bid to enhance their reputation as a leading South West London squash team, playing within the Surrey Squash County leagues.  As always, the pre-match build-up started with the opposition admiring the cheap squash membership fees at Spencer Squash Club when compared to their own club prices and the fact that we have new squash courts in London which is rare these days...!


First up was Richard who thumped his opponent 3-0 at fourth string and played some very good squash along the way.  Well played Richard!


Next up was Dan at second string who found himself 7-5 down in the first set when unfortunately his opponent Phil injured his groin lunging for a drop shot and had to retire.  A real shame for Phil and it would have been an interesting match had it continued.  Due to the injury, Spencer were awarded a 3-0 victory.


As things started to look good for Spencer, Niall went on a third string and played a good game apart from on the key points, going down 9-8, 9-8, 9-6 in one of the closest 3-0 victories you are likely to see!  Unfortunately Niall’s tactic of calling set one at 8-8 in both the first two sets did not work on this occasion!


Then over to Adam against a very strong opponent on an extremely warm and humid court!  Adam went 2-0 down and then experienced an emergency meeting with the Spencer squash team who made it clear to him that we needed one set to win on count-back.  This didn’t look overly likely at the time, however suddenly Adam forgot about any fitness issues and thumped his opponent to a 7-0 lead, hanging onto a great 9-7 win in the third.  Adam wasn’t finished at this point and then also took the fourth with some great shots before the inevitable happened in the fifth set.  A 3-2 defeat but in many ways a great result which gained us two sets plus a win on count-back!


So overall, a 9-6 victory to Spencer and maintaining our early 100% record and top of the table after two games.  Well played all and looks like we will have some hard matches this season so see you all at training on Monday night!!!

Match report - Spencer Club 1 vs. Christophers 6 - 06/05/10

posted 1 Jul 2010, 03:36 by Dan Wells   [ updated 1 Jul 2010, 03:43 ]

A cracking start to the season with a 15-0 whitewash against our local rivals!


Christophers 6 turned up with a full team against myself, Niall, Nick and our new number two Adam.  Despite some reasonably good rallies, all of the matches were fairly convincing and we were pleased to head into the bar with a very satisfying 15-0 win to kick-start our campaign for further promotion.  It’s fair to say that none of us were really pushed into top gear but a nice game to get ourselves in shape and build up for a 16-match promotion battle!


Having looked at the league table, there were some fairly convincing wins for a few other teams including Nuffield West Byfleet who we play on Monday – this will give us a good indication of our prospects for the season and we have a confirmed team of Adam, Dan, Niall and Richard.


Geek sheet attached as always and well played all...!

Spencer 1 vs. David Lloyd Brooklands 2 - 29/01/10

posted 28 Jan 2010, 06:00 by Nick Cunnah

Desperate to bounce back from last weeks match, Spencer 1 fielded a strong side as we attempted to maintain our strong lead at the top of the table.  The team met before the match to build up some focus ahead of a fixture which has produced some tricky matches in the past.

First up was Paul at fifth string against Richard.  Both players had a scrappy start with a lot of loose shots but Paul had the best of the first set, before struggling slightly against a much-improved second set performance by Richard.  Good line and length, plus focus on shot selection was needed from Paul, and this continued to improve as he bounced back in the second set (partially thanks to a gift by his opponent who failed to call an obvious stroke on game ball!)  At 2-0 up and settling into the match, Paul showed why he has become known as a much-feared opponent throughout the division by playing some good squash in the third to wrap-up a much-needed 3-0 victory.

On the other court, at third string Richard played a tricky opponent in Olu, who had caused us problems in previous matches.  Keen to show what he was worth after last weeks turnaround match, Richard stormed to a 27/4 victory with some fantastic squash and a great result (the scoreline reminded us of a few of Alex MacKinnons matches earlier in the season prior to his extended vacation in Southampton).  Well played and just the way to bounce back from last week!

Iain then took the charge at fourth string, returning from a mystery unknown absence during the previous weeks must-win fixture!  Keen to show that he would have made the difference had he played last week, Iain dominated the first two sets 9/1, 9/2, before easing off in the third to win 10/8 and another 3-0 victory.

Dan then took to the court at first string against Shola who is a very tricky player with some great shots.  An extremely close match which last a long time given the scoreline and each set being very tight.  Fortunately Dan managed to be the more composed during the key points in each set and wrapped up a 3-0 victory in another good display winning 10/8, 9/7, 9/6.  Dan then proceeded to turn into the master-chef in the Spencer Club state-of-the-art kitchen, whilst Niall prepared to wrap up victory in the final game.

Niall went onto his favourite court number two against Dave, who is somebody we havent encountered during the previous three matches against this team.  A pretty strong number two and so it proved as Niall found himself 2-0 down after an unlucky 10/9 in the first and a struggled 9/2 in the second.  Dave seemed more out-of-breath than any other squash player Ive ever witnessed, however this didnt seem to make much difference as Dave showed an ability to carry on running around without really breathing properly which was a bit worrying at times...!  After some advice from the Captain, Niall bounced back in the third and won it 9/5 to gain Spencer a much-needed extra point, prior to losing the fourth 9/2 for only his second defeat for the season.

Overall a good result, an awesome curry (!) and a scoreline which maintains our strong position with five matches to go.  Next up is the away game against Nuffield on Tuesday where top meets bottom in another must-win fixture.  Well played all and geek sheet attached.


Kingfisher 1 vs. Spencer 1 - 20/01/10

posted 28 Jan 2010, 05:58 by Nick Cunnah

Last night saw a local derby take place in a neutral venue, fortunately not because of crowd after the previous tense fixture, but due to the fact that we discovered that Kingfisher are actually a team of Wimbledon Lakeside members who cannot get courts at Lakeside for team squash and therefore play in Tolworth.

Not many international pro players would have expected some of the finest squash around to have been witnessed at the delights of the rather warm and humid Tolworth Recreation Centre, however off set the Spencer team from Burntwood Lane at 7pm with just that intention.  The night started well with all players arriving on time, however the realisation that our squash rackets were about to fall out of the open car boot as we whizzed along the main road probably summed up how things were to follow.

Greeted by a good bunch of lads representing Kingfisher, the rare occurrence of an all-English Spencer team gave many of the Spencer Club fanatics a lot of hope.  And rightly so, the Spencer first team had won every game of the season and were up against second place Kingfisher who wed beaten 4-1 earlier in the season.

First up on court was Nick, fresh from a debut 3-2 win at number one last week.  Having spent 90 minutes of Monday night doing drills against the Club Captain and also having various discussions before the match about how Nicks target is to get back to the level he played at as a young 17 year old, Nick found himself against a very strong number two with a lot of good shots and somebody who punished any lose shots with conviction!  Unfortunately his opponent had much the better of the game and recorded a 3-0 win to give the hosts an early advantage.

Niall then went onto the warm courts at third string against a capable player but not somebody who was ever going to beat him.  Niall played a strong match and controlled throughout, apart from a customary 9-8 win in the second set it wouldnt be a complete match for Niall without it...!  A fine 3-0 win and plenty of hope ahead.

Whilst both of these matches were taking place, Dan went on at first string against a strong number one who Dan had beaten earlier in the season.  It proved a good and long game of squash, with many very long rallies, some great recoveries from the host, some unbelievably lucky shots, plenty of nicks and some good line and length along the way.  And that was just the first set!  Dan went 1-0 down despite being 8-7 up in the set, took the second, somehow lost the third after being 8-2 up, but then showed fitness and a bit more consistency along the way to a 3-2 victory which kept things looking good for the Spencer boys with the knowledge that the ever-reliable Richard was up next.

Richards match then commenced at fourth string, whilst Paul went on at fifth string against an opponent who Paul had beaten in a close match earlier in the season.  Paul had a bad first game but revised his tactics well and endured two close sets which didnt quite go his way but showed a lot of pride and commitment to the cause.  It wasnt to be Pauls day in the end and the entire match went down to Richards game.

Fortunately for Spencer, Richard commanded a 2-0 lead and looked to be cruising after a solid start.  It looked like the Spencer unbeaten run was set to continue however his opponent Mike had other ideas and edged his way back into the game with some very consistent and tight drop shots.  The game then changed completely and Mike started to dominate more as he pulled back 2-2.  With five points plus a lot of pride resting on the final set of the whole event, it was very tense although in the end Mike proved to have the finishing touch and won a good match 3-2 to give Spencer their first defeat of the season (and made Richard responsible for texting Alex the result who was still in the process of preparing for his two-year jolly up down South).

Things didnt go quite the way wed hoped however plenty learnt from the match, including from those who sat in the back on the way home (!), and we all agreed that more focus is required on having the racket up ready to volley quicker when on the T, better returning of serve down the line, and a lot more line and length needed in general.  Whilst there is plenty to focus on, we are still in a great position with a 23-point lead over Kingfisher with six matches remaining so hopefully we can re-discover the form next week on Weds 27/1 against David Lloyd Brooklands.

Good effort by all and as always the Geek sheet is attached.


Spencer Club 1 vs. St George's Hill 4 - 15/12/09

posted 28 Jan 2010, 05:55 by Nick Cunnah

The biggest match of the season so far in which the Spencer Club squash centre of excellence managed to field their best starting line up and it was definitely required!

First up was the long distance commuter Alex who kindly made his way back from Southampton to play at third string and mirrored last weeks impressive result of a 27/4 3-0 victory in a short space of time before quite rightly heading off in advance of another 5am commute.  Thanks so much to Alex for everything this season and for agreeing to play last night we hope that the commute from Winchester to future Spencer Club matches is not too painful...!

At the same time, Niall lined up at second string.  Not many people have bad hangovers at 8pm on a Monday night however Niall somehow achieved this after the lads annual Sunday night drinking session which proved a bad warm-up for the biggest game of the season!  Combine this with the fact that Niall was playing against the St Georges Hill gym fitness coach and the old saying squash is a great hangover cure was clearly not going to be the case on this occasion.  Niall started well but got clawed back and then as he stated to make his way back into the match he suffered an ankle injury which made the task unachievable from there onwards.  His first defeat as a Spencer Club player which is an impressive record and the highlight of the night was definitely his washing up performance in the post-match curry session...!

Meanwhile, Iain kicked off his match at fifth string against a 14-year old girl who was seen finishing off some of her homework during Alexs first few sets.  Fresh from a pro-active Sunday morning 9.15am training session which Iain felt would continue to help both his line & length plus fitness, and also full of confidence after having been described as unbeatable by Alex only two weeks earlier, Iain stormed to a 2-0 lead in a never-the-less very competitive match.   As his opponent finalised the last section of her maths algebra assignment during the second set and started to focus on her squash a bit more, the match suddenly changed to the extent that Iain lost the ability to win any more points.  In fact, Iain managed to lose the last three sets 27/4 in a 3-2 defeat and quite rightly feared the worst in the following mornings match report.  However, sometimes in life there is no need to tease somebody in a match report they say that the best things in life are free but watching Iain lose 27/4 to a 14-year old girl (admittedly the UK number 1 in the Under 15 category) was simply priceless...!!!  That said, we are all very much looking forward to the end of season awards to see what prize Iain wins...

With Spencer Club finding themselves in an unusual position of being 2-1 down after three matches and therefore needing to win the last two to claim overall victory, Dan went on at first string against an in-form opponent called Mark who played out of his skin.  Having won the first game, Dan then went 2-1 down after two long sets which clearly took their toll on his opponent.  This was the point where Dan turned the match round and took the fourth 9/0.  Unfortunately the fifth set didnt quite start as planned and Dan went 6/0 down from the off only to find out from Richard that we needed this match to have any chance of claiming overall victory.  Fortunately, Dan pulled back to 7/6 in another complete turnaround only to go 8/7 down and face match point.  A few good shots and suddenly a 3/2 Spencer Club victory was realised thanks to a 10/8 win in the fifth and the dream was kept alive!

Richard then went on at fourth string and won convincingly against a player who was about five times the age of Iains opponent but who had some very good shots.  A 3-0 win courtesy of a solid performance wrapped up the overall Spencer Club victory of 15 points to 8 therefore gaining us seven points on our biggest rivals in a match which really could have gone either way.

The link to the league table is (division 8B) and the geek sheet attached showing results for all matches this season.  A wonderful end to a fantastic first half of the season sees us top of the league with 8 wins from 8 and 146 points out of a possible 152.  As previously noted, still a long way to go as both Kingfisher and St Georges Hill are both beating the other teams as well meaning that we need to take our current momentum into the new year.  Next up Cheam on w/c 12/1 and then a huge match against Kingfisher on 20/1.

Note that there is no training session on Monday but we still have the courts booked and Ill head down if anybody fancies a hit.  For those of you who cant make Monday, have a great Christmas break and see you all in January!


Wimbledon Racquets vs Spencer Club 1 - 18/11/09

posted 1 Dec 2009, 09:24 by Nick Cunnah

Whilst the Spencer Club Captain Alex MacKinnon lay in the bright sunshine of Budapest, Spencer Club 1 travelled the short distance to Wimbledon in a tense and exciting local derby.  Looking to build upon a great start to the season, Spencer 1 had everything to play for.

Pumped up for the match, Wimbledon Racquets fielded their strongest team of the season and battled hard against a confident Spencer Club 1 line-up comprising Dan, Niall, Richard, Mike and Paul.

First up was Mike at 4th string who had a tough match against an awkward player and suffered a heavy defeat in the second despite a 9/3 in the first set.  Looking in trouble at 3/7 in the third, Mike somehow pulled off some great shots to steal the set 9/7.  As the fourth game slowly progressed towards crunch time, Mike suddenly looked around the court to try and find a suitable place to be sick a consequence of fitness levels similar to that of Alex MacKinnon.  Not able to find a suitable location in time, Mike hit a couple of clinical shots and rounded off a very impressive 3-1 victory.

Meanwhile Niall played at 2nd string in a match that seemed to take forever, with both players keen to avoid hitting any winning shots in order to ensure that each rally had at least 40 shots in it.  Niall lost the first 9/8 (his normal one point tactic failing to pay-off for a change!).  By my recollection, this is the first set he has ever dropped for the Spencer Club Squash Centre of Excellence first team, which is a fantastic effort.  Niall managed to hurt his opponents fitness levels in the second and continued by controlling the last three sets to claim a 3-1 win.

Dan then went on court at 1st string against Wimbledon Captain Tania and stormed to a 3-0 (27/8) victory, claiming the Alex MacKinnon award for least number of points dropped on the night.

Richard, meanwhile, played a long but well-controlled match at 3rd string in which there was some very good squash and long rallies.  Richard never really gave his opponent a change of winning, despite winding down a bit in the third set, and ended a comfortable 3-0 victory in time to enjoy Pauls match!

Paul, up at fifth string playing his fourth match of the season, lost the first 9/4 before crushing his opponent 9/1, 9/1 in the next two.  Looking certainly to wrap up victory in the fourth, Paul struggled with both his shots and fitness levels and went down 9/3.  Up for the fifth set and with the pressure of the balcony, the first five minutes were tense and pretty tight until Paul edged ahead and claimed a fantastic 9/4 win in the fifth for an impressive 3-2 victory.

Overall, this was an extremely tight game against a strong Wimbledon team who will beat most other sides in that division with that line-up.  Several of the games were pretty tight and both Mike and Pauls games could have gone either way but both battled incredibly well to turn their matches into vital wins.  These points will be vital in the second half of the season and put us in a really strong position.  Well played all results and geek sheet attached.

After five matches, Spencer have 93 out of 95 points.  As news spread of David Lloyd Hamptons heavy defeat against St Georges Hill, journalists soon calculated that Spencer are now 11 points clear at the top of the league with a game in hand.   Note that we havent yet played either of the top two teams as we play them both in our next two matches.  These matches are vital and we cant afford to slip up.  Forthcoming matches:

-       St Georges Hill Weds 25/11 Home

-       David Lloyd Hampton Mon 30/11 Away

See you all soon


Spencer 1st vs Cheam 4th - 06/08/09

posted 13 Sep 2009, 09:07 by Nick Cunnah

A round dozen of victories was sealed last night as Spencer 1st hosted Cheam 4th side on a hot summers evening to record a hard fought 4-0 victory and claim the prestigious Surrey Summer Cup Division 8B title!

Cheam had been kind enough to swap the home and away fixtures and we were looking forward to clashing racquets with them once more this time on home territory. A maximum 15 points would guarantee the top spot in the league this season and we were keen to try to wrap it up before the holiday season approached. A very hot evening with equally hot courts provided a stern test of the fitness and tempers of all the players.

Preparations were hampered by our 9ft giant number 1 player Dan injuring his back at Monday night training. A quick ring around the other players found a variety of cryptic excuses pleading unavailability to play of which Rupert's "I've injured my hand" ran a close second to Dale's flat "No". Fortunately cometh the hour, cometh the man and Paul Quarterly stepped into the breach.

This was Paul's first appearance this summer and it transpired he was determined to get his monies worth. Playing at # 4 Paul was up against Karen an experienced campaigner for Cheam with significant match savvy. Paul's pace of game saw him stretch open a 2 game lead hitting good line and length and moving Karen around the court. However in every squash player there is a stubborn streak that refuses to give up. In the hot conditions Karen slowed the pace of the match and dictated the rallies for the next two games to level at 2-2. And so it was down to an epic 5th game which lasted nearly as long as the rest of the match. Paul by this stage was on to his 3rd racquet (one breakage and one strings) and the crowd were exhausted just from watching. Paul took a good early lead after which a deadlock formed at 6-4 which neither player could break. Eventually however Paul's Herculean efforts driven by sheer fear of loosing to a lady saw him triumph 9-5 for a hard fought and entertaining 3-2 victory in a match lasting over an hour.

Meanwhile I had played at #2 against Ken. Ken and I also met in the first leg of the season and Ken was determined to use his front court game to disrupt my rhythm on the hot court. Given the heat it was difficult to play a winning drop as the ball sat up and we had a close cat and mouse contest with the match never really finding a natural pace. Fortunately I managed to control the game and pull through 3-0.

Mike went on at # 3 playing against Ray. Mike's recent fitness training has been more of the endurance drinking variety and so he was a little, well, slow before heading on court. Not that it showed in the match as he produced a fine performance with barely an error. Hitting the ball crisply Mike found his line and length easily given the conditions and simply moved his opponent around remorselessly in the heat to produce a fine display dropping only 2 points for a 3-0 victory.

Niall then played at # 1 against Mark. I played Niall on Saturday and can vouch that he is playing good aggressive squash at the moment (he stuffed me off court at least). Mark had previously said he was looking forward to trying to get revenge on Spencer's normal number 1 Dan. Presumably Mark's opponent growing a full head of hair but halving in high confused him a little. Niall did try and mutter to himself during the match but couldn't replicate Dan's intense self-appraisal mid match. Niall's good form allied with his opponents confusion saw him dominate the match from the start to a 3-0 victory with an impressive performance.

So 15 points in the bag and the title won. Thanks to all for playing last night and Cheam for the understanding in rearranging the fixture. We look forward to playing them in the Winter leagues at some point.

Spencer 1st vs Christophers 8th - 30/07/09

posted 13 Sep 2009, 09:05 by Nick Cunnah

"It's a marathon, not a sprint" in the words of Sir Alex Ferguson and how right the worlds finest football manger is. Spencer notched up their 11th consecutive win in the Surrey Summer Cup last night with a 4-0 victory over Christophers to move to within 15 points of the coveted Division 8B title and eternal glory.

We had enormous fun playing Christophers in the first half of the season. Unfortunately it appears they did not and, despite their 3rd place in the league, Christophers fielded a weakened side in the second leg of the local derby. The courts were humid after a sultry day and players from both sides certainly felt the impact of the atmosphere.
Mike was first on at 4th string against Peter. Having played cricket for the first time in a year last weekend Mike was barely able to scuttle around the court such had been the ferocity of his weekend drinking (or "running between the wickets" if his euphemism is to be believed). Mike took a Inzamam-ul-Haq approach to squash, with lots of big shots combined with minimal sprinting which he left to his opponent. A simple 3-0 victory was soon wrapped up although later in the bar (after a little more running between the wickets) Mike was heard to say that he would get properly fit one of these days.
I was next up at 3rd string against Florin. The Dickensian named Florin had the habit of not playing backhand boasts but instead changing racquet hand and scooping a high straight lob. However Florin struggled to adapt to the conditions, tinned a lot of drops and I was able to scrape through to win 3-0 without reaching my maximum fitness peak (i.e. more than 20mins on court)
Niall then went on at 2nd string and, seeing as it was nearly past his 9pm bed time, lost concentration in the first playing numerous loose shots but managing to scrape through 9-5. Normal service resumed after and Niall moved his opponent around the court easily in the heat to win 3-0.
Dan played at 1st string against Colin although it was Dan himself who provided the sternest opposition. Ever keen to improve his technique Dan tried to remodel his drop shot during the game which led to the majority of drops hitting just above the red line - although unfortunately this was the service line. The cunning 8ft high drop shot policy seemed not to hamper his game too much as he swept to another 3-0 victory.
So a 4-0 victory in the bag. The same result next week would see the division won with 2 matches to spare. Thanks to all for the Herculean efforts so far this season.

Oh and we played David Lloyds Brooklands the week before when we won 3-1.
I can assure the you match report I wrote was one the wittiest pieces of literature since Caxton invented the printing press but unfortunately my laptop was unable to contain its mirth and died without me having pressed save. A brief resume as follows: Away match David Lloyd...courts next to swimming pool...very hot...tempers frayed... Iain arrived on time(!)... Niall got angry won 3-0 (played rubbish)... Dan got angry won 3-2 (played rubbish)... Ian got angry lost 3-2 (played rubbish)... I got exhausted in warm up won 3-0 (played rubbish)... 14-5 victory... 10th victory of the season.

No doubt one of the esteemed gents will correct any major factual errors although the more eagle eyed of you will note that Dan actually dropped a couple of games - a rare occurrence this season.


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