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David Lloyd Epsom vs. Spencer 1 - Match report - the big one! - 08/06/10

posted 1 Jul 2010, 03:38 by Dan Wells   [ updated 1 Jul 2010, 03:42 ]

A huge game took place last night which over-shadowed the World Cup build-up as the Spencer boys travelled to David Lloyd Epsom to play the unbeaten leaders.  With a full team of Olly, Adam, Dan and Nick, there was never going to be a better opportunity to beat them.


The opposition turned up with a full strength team and first up was Alan at number 3 who has played at number 2 or 1 all season and had threatened to pull out pre-match due to having won all of his matches 3-0 to date.  Dan decided to play significantly better squash than during the previous week (thanks to everybody for your recent coaching tips!) and wrapped up a 3-0 victory, despite breaking three strings during the first shot of the warm-up!  A good match and a satisfying win.


On the other court,  Nick played against a very able opponent who ending up taking David Lloyd’s only set of the night – I’ve decided not to punish Nick for this given that I did the same thing last week...!  Whilst I didn’t see the match, I understand that Nick shrugged off the holiday hangover and played well in a 3-1 victory, in which his opponent also managed to break a string in his racket.


Adam then went on court against a good number two and managed to scrape through on fitness to a fine 3-0 victory (although it would have been interesting to have seen how things would have developed had the match gone into a fourth and probably fifth set) – well played and a good workout!  Due to marking on the other court at the time, I can’t comment too much on the match but did note that his opponent decided to swap rackets despite not even breaking a string – clearly keen to keep the theme of the night going...!


Finally at top string was Olly who took on a confident opponent who wasn’t expecting a heavy defeat in this league.  Not the easiest game for Dan to mark as an away team player for several reasons:

1.       It was a very fast match with lots of collisions and challenges

2.       The courts were so noisy that I lost my voice after the first set

3.       A certain incident took place in the first set which made Dan laugh for the remainder of the match!


No match report could be complete without mentioning that very incident!  Midway through the first set, the ball bounced off the top of the red (in this case blue) line and nestled in the ceiling netting between the two courts.  Olly decided that this match hadn’t had any racket incidents to date and threw his racket at the ball in the netting, which whilst succeeding in dislodging the ball back onto the court, unfortunately resulted in Olly’s racket being stuck on the netting by the roof in place of the ball!  The only way forward seemed to be to stop Adam’s game next door for a few minutes (Adam was grateful for a rest and there may be a home team conspiracy theory about this one!), and then as one of the home team was about to throw his racket at Olly’s, Dan pointed out that we could end up with two rackets stuck on the roof if not careful!  Then followed a few minutes of various players trying to hit Olly’s racket with a squash ball without success – it was hard not to laugh as the squash ball kept smashing into the lights and then suddenly changing direction towards people’s heads!  Just as we thought it couldn’t get any funnier, their number four returned from the toilet with an extremely large roll of toilet paper and after a few attempts to throw the toilet paper at the ceiling, finally Olly’s racket was dislodged back onto the squash court and both matches were able to continue.  It’s fair to say that Olly has made a huge impact on the team both in terms of results and entertaining stories...!


As the match continued, Olly did enough to stay ahead in each set but to also get a good sweat and enjoyed a fine 3-0 win to maintain his 3-0 winning record.


Overall a great night for the Spencer boys with a 15-1 victory and another huge match against Kingfisher tomorrow night which could see us build a nice lead at the top of the table.


Well played all and let’s do the same again tomorrow night!  Geek sheet not attached due to awaiting on the final points from the home team on the website – I’ll send it round with the next match report!