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Spencer 1st vs Christophers 8th - 30/07/09

posted 13 Sep 2009, 09:05 by Nick Cunnah
"It's a marathon, not a sprint" in the words of Sir Alex Ferguson and how right the worlds finest football manger is. Spencer notched up their 11th consecutive win in the Surrey Summer Cup last night with a 4-0 victory over Christophers to move to within 15 points of the coveted Division 8B title and eternal glory.

We had enormous fun playing Christophers in the first half of the season. Unfortunately it appears they did not and, despite their 3rd place in the league, Christophers fielded a weakened side in the second leg of the local derby. The courts were humid after a sultry day and players from both sides certainly felt the impact of the atmosphere.
Mike was first on at 4th string against Peter. Having played cricket for the first time in a year last weekend Mike was barely able to scuttle around the court such had been the ferocity of his weekend drinking (or "running between the wickets" if his euphemism is to be believed). Mike took a Inzamam-ul-Haq approach to squash, with lots of big shots combined with minimal sprinting which he left to his opponent. A simple 3-0 victory was soon wrapped up although later in the bar (after a little more running between the wickets) Mike was heard to say that he would get properly fit one of these days.
I was next up at 3rd string against Florin. The Dickensian named Florin had the habit of not playing backhand boasts but instead changing racquet hand and scooping a high straight lob. However Florin struggled to adapt to the conditions, tinned a lot of drops and I was able to scrape through to win 3-0 without reaching my maximum fitness peak (i.e. more than 20mins on court)
Niall then went on at 2nd string and, seeing as it was nearly past his 9pm bed time, lost concentration in the first playing numerous loose shots but managing to scrape through 9-5. Normal service resumed after and Niall moved his opponent around the court easily in the heat to win 3-0.
Dan played at 1st string against Colin although it was Dan himself who provided the sternest opposition. Ever keen to improve his technique Dan tried to remodel his drop shot during the game which led to the majority of drops hitting just above the red line - although unfortunately this was the service line. The cunning 8ft high drop shot policy seemed not to hamper his game too much as he swept to another 3-0 victory.
So a 4-0 victory in the bag. The same result next week would see the division won with 2 matches to spare. Thanks to all for the Herculean efforts so far this season.

Oh and we played David Lloyds Brooklands the week before when we won 3-1.
I can assure the you match report I wrote was one the wittiest pieces of literature since Caxton invented the printing press but unfortunately my laptop was unable to contain its mirth and died without me having pressed save. A brief resume as follows: Away match David Lloyd...courts next to swimming pool...very hot...tempers frayed... Iain arrived on time(!)... Niall got angry won 3-0 (played rubbish)... Dan got angry won 3-2 (played rubbish)... Ian got angry lost 3-2 (played rubbish)... I got exhausted in warm up won 3-0 (played rubbish)... 14-5 victory... 10th victory of the season.

No doubt one of the esteemed gents will correct any major factual errors although the more eagle eyed of you will note that Dan actually dropped a couple of games - a rare occurrence this season.